With the popularity of The Shameful Tiki Rooms' amazing cocktails, the idea of offering a high quality syrup for guests to better enjoy drinks at home came to life and "The Shameful Syrup Company” was born!

We started off with some of our most popular, including Falernum and Orgeat which are two of the harder to make heavy hitters in Exotic cocktails. Orgeat is best known as a key ingredient in the Mai Tai, while Falernum is imperative in an original Zombie.

We also offer Allspice from the ever popular Navy Grog among others and an incredible Mai Tai mix that allows the user to simply add rum and enjoy a ready to go Mai Tai in short order.

The Shameful Syrup Company is the only Canadian syrup manufacturer specializing strictly in Exotic cocktail mixers and more offerings are always in the works so check back often!



The syrups used at The Shameful Tiki Room are all house made with care and love. We work to maintain that philosophy with the best and most natural ingredients to be found for a delicious and easy to use product. Our Falernum comes from real clove and ginger, our Allspice comes from real Allspice berries. You get the idea.

So now you can save the hassle of making your own syrups and start recreating those enjoyable nights out in the comfort of your own home!


Shea Hogan and Rod Moore pictured at the Shameful Tiki Room in Vancouver.
Rod Moore opened Vancouver Canada’s premier tiki bar, the Shameful Tiki Room, in March 2013, wanting to bring his passion for all things tiki to life. Shea Hogan joined the team at the beginning and helmed the bar for over 7 years. Together in 2017 Rod and Shea created Shameful Tiki Syrups, with the goal of giving people the opportunity to craft premium tiki cocktails from the comfort of their own homes